Are YOU ready for 2020?

With 2020 just around the corner, it’s a perfect time to evaluate your career. Are you are ready to set yourself apart, ready for your next career advancement, or ready to demonstrate your commitment to your philanthropy career?

Joined an organization, discovered a community - Meet AFP member Katerina Herder

We were able to catch up with Katerina Herder recently, Director of Development for Healthy Minds Innovations. Katerina has been a member of AFP for the past year or so and has recently discovered one of AFP’s special interest groups.

Here's What You Missed – Achieving Mutual Benefit Through Corporate Philanthropy

Nationally, individual giving fell last year while corporate philanthropy was up 5.4 percent, according to Giving USA. That made AFP’s September 26 educational luncheon a particularly timely one. Consultant Joanne Ray’s insightful “Strategies for Mutually Beneficial Corporate Partnerships” set pens flying as the crowd of 80 attendees scribbled valuable notes.

On Philanthropy: The Touching Driveway Moment that Will Save the World and Preserve Your Rec Room

This fall your kid may head off to college for the first time, perhaps with only the vaguest idea about a career. As he or she backs down the driveway, you have one last chance to influence their future. My suggestion: wave them down, lean through the window and, in your gravest James Earl Jones voice, intone:

Impact Awards - Nominate today and receive free admission to an Educational Luncheon!

It turns out, there is such a thing as a free lunch! All members who nominate a project for the 2019 NPD Impact Awards will receive one free admission to a 2020 AFPSEWI Educational Luncheon of their choice! Individuals or organizations may self-nominate projects completed within the past three years. Each nominated project must include the work of at least one Association of Fundraising Professionals member to be eligible to win.

Thanking Your pARTners in Philanthropy

Did you know that your AFP membership includes two nominations to acknowledge and celebrate your closest donors and supporters? Submit Partners in Philanthropy (PIP) by October 4 for the chance to win two tickets to NPD!

Looking for a great way to promote your non-profit?

Build awareness for your cause, your mission, and for philanthropy. The Milwaukee Business Journal's Partners in Philanthropy (PIP) special edition is what you have been waiting for.

An Ode to Our Mentoring Program

If you want to be a mentor Or perhaps a protege You must apply NEXT FRIDAY So click here without delay!

Have you registered for Fundraising Day Wisconsin?

With the event less than a week away, we can't wait to see you. Five speakers are prepping their content and ensuring it is relevant to YOU! The goal is simple: create a space where development professionals can learn together and grow. Top five reasons you want to attend this conference.

What’s the Connection Between Money and Gum?

Have you been around for a while? Seen a lot of things? Been successful in your career? Made some mistakes along the way? Consider lending your talents as an AFP Mentor!

On Philanthropy: Philanthropy 2018: Bad news about good news (and vice versa)

Is your glass half full? Half empty? Thrown against the wall in frustration? The Giving USA report annually summarizes the nation’s charitable giving. The report on 2018 came out in July, and you can see whatever you want in those tea leaves.

AFP New Member Chronicles

It’s easy to feel bewildered or overwhelmed by AFP’s many resources. Here’s where to start: read the ongoing discoveries of Ann and Amy, our two neophyte explorers in “The AFPSEWI New Member Chronicles.”

National Philanthropy Day Is Artfully Approaching!

The National Philanthropy Day committee is working hard, and we are pleased to announce plentiful opportunities for members to show their talents, and contribute to the celebration on Tuesday, November 12, at the Pfister Hotel. Here are some quick updates:

Two Funders of 100 Women (or More)

Throughout my fundraising career, women have come together to support the organizations where I’ve worked, often through auxiliaries or Friends groups. Lately, women have leveraged advances in social media and technology to upgrade their collective power to support the work we do in the nonprofit sector. Here are two examples:

Here's What You Missed - What’s Really Behind the Decline in Individual Giving?

Charitable giving in the United States reached $427 million in 2018, according to the 2019 Giving USA Report released last month. Giving by individuals declined to 68% of the total, suggesting that nonprofits will need to shift their fundraising strategies to rely increasingly on the growing corporate and foundation sectors. A group of local nonprofit leaders, however, has challenged this statistic, arguing that the reported drop is an artifact of the way the report was run.

On Philanthropy: Saving the World – and My July 4th Picnic

Every July 4th, our family reunion brings me into contact with my clueless brother-in-law. He’s the guy in every family who remembers exactly one fact about everyone else. As expected, he quickly worked our conversation around to his usual dig. “Hey, dude, you work for a nonprofit. So do you actually get paid?” he smirked.

A Fundraising Retrospective from the World’s Finest to the World’s Largest

I’ve been a fundraiser and activist since the age of six, having attended parochial school on the south side of Milwaukee beginning in the early 1980s. My lifelong relationship with fundraising and competition began...

NEW! National Philanthropy Day Impact Awards

The Impact Awards will be presented at the 2019 National Philanthropy Day Luncheon to recognize the important work that goes on ‘behind the scenes’ and to celebrate the Art of Philanthropy. In the coming weeks, AFP SEWI will be seeking member nominations for the following awards:

Why AFP’s $30 Dues Increase is a No-Brainer

To cut to the chase: AFP’s annual membership fee is going up by $30 on July 1. May we boldly suggest you join us a hearty “Who cares?!” Here’s why…

On Philanthropy: Suffragette Dreams Come True – via Philanthropy

One hundred years ago, on June 10, 1919, Wisconsin became the first state to ratify the 19th amendment, giving women the right to vote. When I reflect on the struggles of our foremothers, I wonder: What have we accomplished?

International Conference stars align for Fundraising Day Wisconsin

Lisa Pieper reveals: “My first trip to AFP ICON did not disappoint. Here are tips I picked up from some of the BEST MINDS in fundraising, many of whom have been or will soon be Fundraising Day Wisconsin stars..."

Here's What You Missed – Donors with Dementia

What happens when you are sitting across from a donor and they do not seem like themselves? You find him repeating the same story in quick succession or she forgets her order at the restaurant you go to on every visit. Your donor may be suffering from dementia. But what does that mean for your role as a fundraiser and your donor’s relationship with your organization?

Is Your Career “Sustainable”?

Everyone feels excited at the start of their career. Will you feel the same passion throughout? Chris Kann tells you how – because it’s not just luck.

Are you Bunching this year?

How to make sure the new tax law doesn’t reduce charitable giving by $20 billion this year.

Whose generosity inspires you?

Quick: what’s the biggest thrill of being a fundraiser? Surely it’s the opportunity to associate with selfless humanitarians every single day. Admit it: you’ve got at least one donor or volunteer whose incredibly generous commitment gets you a little choked up… buoys your belief in society’s future…restores your faith in humanity…

On Philanthropy - Future Nonprofit C-Suiters: Top Traits to Cultivate

What does it take to become a nonprofit CEO? New research from the Nonprofit Leadership Alliance reveals the common traits.

Meet Rikki Starich Harry: An AFP vet joins AFPSEWI

Rikki gets acquainted with AFP SEWI at the recent Membership 101 event

AFPICON 2019: Front row at the center of philanthropic excellence

Who doesn’t like being front row? Whether it’s going to see your favorite act in concert or a sporting event, you’re usually bursting at the seams with excitement and making sure your cell phone is fully charged for pictures!

San Antonio AFP ICON Inspires

Conference is rewarding experience for scholarship recipient

On Philanthropy - Blood drives in Winterfell?

Philanthropy can be found in even the darkest of places - Would-be Westerosi! The fate of humanity lies in our hands!