Why AFP’s $30 Dues Increase is a No-Brainer

AFP members visiting over wine at a happy hour event. Folder with AFP sticker in the foreground.They set the cost, but YOU set the value

To cut to the chase: AFP’s annual membership fee is going up by $30 on July 1.  But we believe you’ll join us in a hearty “Who cares?!”

Okay, okay:  at first, AFPSEWI chapter leaders were a little concerned about how members would react to this 10% increase.  After all, since AFP hasn’t raised rates since 2010, we know you’re a little out of practice.

When the increase was mandated, AFP Global equipped us with all sorts of great talking points…noting that a quarter of all associations raise dues in any given year…pointing out how AFP has expanded services while keeping dues flat…hinting at great programs waiting in the wings…you know, all the usual good talking point stuff you’d expect to hear.

But here in Southeastern Wisconsin, we know the one talking point that matters:  AFP sets the cost, but YOU set the value.

See, that’s the beauty of AFP:  it offers such an incredible array of resources and benefits that it’s easy to get $30 more value from your membership.  The key is to simply take advantage of what’s there.

In Southeastern Wisconsin, we know membership is our gateway to…

…Staying up with the latest trends

Educational luncheonsFundraising Day WisconsinAFP Global’s online resourcesindustry compensation reports and many other programs help keep us sharp.

Feeling part of something bigger

AFP’s networking opportunities connect us fundraisers as a community; a whopping 80% of AFPSEWI members say they consulted or socialized with a fellow AFP member in the last year…

…Crowdsourcing solutions to our workday challenges…

Resources like the new Southeastern Wisconsin AFP Connect chat board provides instant connection to helpful local peers (an incredible asset, especially for the 33% of AFPSEWI members who work in shops of less than three people…)

Being part of a respected profession…

Best practicescontinuing education, a code of ethics – those things define a “profession.” By providing them all, AFP adds distinction and regard to our career choice…

Influencing the future

No matter our sector, we fundraisers all share a common mission:  advancing philanthropy as a force for community.  Together, we improve the environment for giving via AFP’s National Philanthropy Day, our Milwaukee Business Journal columnpublic advocacy programs, etc.

In 2018, more than 55% of AFPSEWI survey respondents said they wanted to better understand how to maximize member value.  Granted, AFP’s many services and programs can be a little bewildering.  That’s why the AFPSEWI leadership has pledged to make them all easier to navigate and access (stay tuned for our new website and other vehicles…!)

It’s like this:  your career is a journey, and AFP is like a car with lots of features.  It can take you anywhere you want to go – but you have to drive it!

(Oh, and after July 1, the ride will cost you an extra $30.  But hey, who cares, right?)