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The Association of Fundraising Professionals (formerly the National Society of Fund Raising Executives) is the largest professional fundraising network in the world! And one of the greatest benefits of AFP membership is the opportunity to network - to exchange information with one's peers, to learn from those who are more experienced, and to help those who are just getting started in professional fundraising. AFP membership means you are a part of a professional community that provides the environment for connecting with leaders in philanthropy.



AFP membership means you become part of a professional community that brings the latest trends and best practices to you and your organization. Membership in AFP affords a wide variety of professional benefits. Locally, AFP provides access to the largest network of professional fundraisers in all of Southeastern Wisconsin. Globally, AFP offers fundraising guidance, resources, and support when you need it most.

Local Benefits Include:

  • Discounted registration rates on chapter programs and conferences;
  • Access to the local mentoring program;
  • Scholarships for conferences and financial aid for memberships;
  • Opportunities to network via special-interest groups;
  • Regular local and regional job listings delivered to your inbox;
  • Admission to local members-only networking events with both emerging and seasoned fundraising professionals;
  • Regular electronic membership updates;
  • Members-only access to FREE webinars that count toward CFRE certification;
  • Reduced fees for CFRE study sessions;
  • Admission to members-only AFP Connect: Online Community Forum;
  • Opportunity to honor TWO donors annually at National Philanthropy Day; and
  • Ability to practice leadership skills through board and committee service.

AFP Global Benefits:

At the national level, benefits fall into three categories: research and practice tools, member-exclusive professional development, and member discounts. All of these components work together to provide members with the best tools possible to become better and more productive fundraisers. Click on the links below to learn more.

When you join AFP, you join the international association (AFP Global) whose offices are located in Alexandria, Virginia. Visit to review the many benefits you receive from membership at the international level.

You can join online, or you can mail in your application and payment.

Please note that ALL memberships (new, renewals, re-designating members) are handled by AFP Global! When the international office processes your membership, the AFPSEWI chapter receives the information, and all the benefits extended to AFP members in the Southeastern WI area by the local chapter are yours.

Please allow 2-3 business days for your membership to process from the day you joined on the AFP Global website.

You can contact AFP Global with questions about the process of joining at 800.666.3863 or

If you have questions for the AFPSEWI chapter, please contact us at 414.399.0281 or

Your membership dues depend on the type of membership applicable to you. Members must self-assess to determine the type of membership for which they are eligible.

All members purchase their membership through AFP Global and select a specific chapter to join. Chapter dues for AFPSEWI are $60.

Members of all categories must subscribe to the AFP Code of Ethical Standards and promote the Donor Bill of Rights.

If you have questions about your membership or need assistance choosing the best one for you, you may contact AFP Global at 1.800.666.3863 or

AFP Membership Categories

Individual Membership Categories (may be purchased by either an individual or an organization)

PROFESSIONAL MEMBER – $285 + chapter dues = $345
Full membership in the Association shall be open to individuals (a) who, among other responsibilities, hold some degree of accountability for income-generation within the fundraising process; (b) who must hold some degree of responsibility directly for fundraising; (c) who are compensated for their services.
Professional Members Case for Membership

ASSOCIATE – $285 + chapter dues = $345
Associate membership in the Association shall be open to individuals or volunteers (a) who are engaged in fields related to fundraising and fundraising support, or (b) who have mutual interests with fundraising professionals.

YOUNG PROFESSIONAL – $95 ($65 plus $30 chapter dues)
Open to persons who hold some degree of responsibility directly for fundraising, work within the U.S. and Canada and are compensated for their services, and are 30 years old or younger, and be employed, or have been employed by an organization that provides benefits to society.
Emerging Professionals Case for Membership

RETIRED –  $75 + chapter dues = $135
Retired membership in the Association shall be open to individuals who no longer practice as paid fundraising professionals but who, at the time they seek Retired Member status, have been Professional members of the Association for the immediate past five consecutive years.

Organizational Membership Categories (May only be purchased by an organization)

SMALL NONPROFIT ORGANIZATION – $175.00 ($120.00 plus $55.00 chapter dues).

Open to nonprofit organizations who can answer yes to all the following criteria:

  • Must be a nonprofit organization – individuals, consultants, and for-profit entities may apply for a different category
  • An operating budget of less than $1,000,000
  • A fundraising department with less than two (2) Full time equivalent (FTE) staff
  • Individually incorporated or otherwise organized as a separate entity in the laws of the specific country; and
  • Not affiliated with a larger institution supporting their operations.

The organization will designate one fundraising professional to receive the benefits offered in this membership category.  The membership may be transferred to another individual if the original member leaves the organization. Limit one membership per organization.

LARGE NONPROFIT ORGANIZATION – Starting at $2,200 for eight members

Open to nonprofit organizations who wish to have multiple members in the association. The organization will designate a minimum of eight (8) to receive Professional member benefits.  The memberships may be transferred to another individual if the original member leaves the organization.

BUSINESS MEMBERS – Starting at $1,500
Business membership in the Association shall be open to for-profit organizations whose work complements the fundraising profession.

CLICK HERE to learn more about the different membership categories and pricing.

AFP understands the economic situation that many members (and soon-to-be members) are currently facing these days. That is why we are now making available online an "Installment Plan" option that breaks your annual membership fee into manageable monthly payments over the course of the year.
The Installment Plan option will appear alongside the option to pay in full when you go through the AFP Join/Renew process. Simply select your preferred option, and your payment(s) will be calculated accordingly.

Members can save $60 on membership when they renew for 2 years. To take advantage of this discount simply call AFP Global at 800.66.3863 before you renew. This discount is applied through the office, it is not available directly through the online renewal.

Twice a year, May 1 to June 30, and October 1 to November 30, AFP Global offers $50 off the Professional or Associate membership dues for brand new members.

Your membership lasts 12 months, starting in the month you officially become a member.

It depends on the type of membership that you selected when you joined. If you are a Professional, Young Professional, or Associate member, the membership is yours and goes with you if leave an organization.

The Nonprofit Organizational Membership for both large and small organizations and the Business Member belongs to the organization or company. If an employee leaves, the organization may replace the name of the designated member. New members still need to fill out a membership application and sign their adherence to the AFP Code of Ethical Principles and Standards.

If you are in one of the individual membership categories the membership goes with you if you change jobs. If you have an organizational membership, it stays with the organization.

When you pay your membership dues, you will receive the member rate at events hosted by any chapter. To receive the member rate, make sure to provide your member number when you register.

You will receive a letter before your membership expires. To renew, please send payment to AFP Global or renew online. Please do not send payment to the chapter office; chapter dues should be sent with international dues to AFP Global.

Can't sign-in? Contact AFP Global at 800.666.3863 if you need to update or reset your username and/or password for the website.

Need to update your Member Profile? To make changes to your mailing address, email, phone, etc. click "Sign-in" in the upper right-hand corner of AFP Globals's website at Once logged-in click on your name in the top menu and choose "My Account." Along the left-hand side, there will be a column of clickable options relevant to updates of your Member Profile.


Sign-in to AFP Global by clicking on "sign-in" in the upper right-hand corner. Once logged-in click on your name in the top menu and choose "My Account." Along the left-hand side chose "My AFP Information."

Sign-in to AFP Global by clicking on "Sign-in" in the upper right-hand corner. Once logged-in click on your name in the top menu and choose "My Account." Along the left-hand side chose "My AFP Information." Then chose "Member Receipt."

AFP is committed to creating a diverse, inclusive, equitable and accessible community. In order to cultivate and create a diverse environment, we ask that you take just a few moments to update your demographic information in your AFP member profile. Together with your help, we can continue to provide you with tailored resources, statistics and reports, and create an environment that fosters inclusion for all.