On Philanthropy - Blood drives in Winterfell?

Image of a flying white dragonPhilanthropy can be found in the darkest of places  

Contributed by AFPSEWI
Milwaukee Business Journal
April 12, 2019 issue

In just a few days, we will all be transported back to the land of dragon queens, white walkers and Red Weddings.  Soon we will learn the fates of Jon Snow, Daenerys Targaryen, Cersei Lannister and the rest of the Westerosi.  Fire-breathing dragons aside, the most remarkable thing about Game of Thrones -- the epic fantasy television series launching its final season on April 14 -- is that despite seven rival kingdoms clashing over the Iron Throne over the past eight years, this season all the Westerosi somehow come together to fight for the fate of humanity.

Game of Thrones airs weekly -- not enough for fans like me.  So I tune in daily to another “real world” equivalent of this heroic struggle, starring the nonprofit organizations that fight for the fate of humanity each and every day.  Thousands of these groups fill the void to help underserved populations, bridge achievement gaps, save the environment and fulfill dozens of other missions.  Just as House Stark learned early on, we must put our differences aside and work together to achieve a better world. It takes an army of people fighting fiercely as one to create positive change.

We may not have white walkers in our city but we do have segregated neighborhoods, struggling schools, and economic inequality. Until we unite to fight fearlessly for the fate of all Milwaukeeans, these problems will continue to plague our city for years to come.

Would-be Westerosi!  The fate of humanity lies in our hands! Join the fight for good by making a charitable contribution today.

P.S. Fellow fundraisers, never forget:  Philanthropists can be found anywhere -- even beyond the Wall...

On Philanthropy appears monthly in the Milwaukee Business Journal and is contributed by Ellen Wilkinson for the Association of Fundraising Professionals, Southeastern Wisconsin Chapter.