What’s the Connection Between Money and Gum?

Image of the quote "Better than a thousand days of diligent study is one day with a great mentor."And how can the AFP Mentor program help you find the answer?

Have you been around for a while?  Seen a lot of things?  Been successful in your career?  Made some mistakes along the way?  Consider lending your talents as an AFP Mentor!

Are you newer to the field?  Finding your path?  Like to network?  Want to sharpen skills?   Consider working with an AFP Mentor!

Most importantly:  do you like to chew gum?  Well, keep reading!

AFPSEWI is launching the 2019 Mentor Program this Fall and you are encouraged to jump on board!  This is a free service available only to AFP members and offers new and not-so-new development professionals the opportunity to learn one-on-one from those seasoned in the field.  These matched relationships agree to meet or be in contact at least one hour a month for a nine-month period.

We ask that Mentors have at least 15 years work experience in fundraising and are willing and able to help create a collegial relationship and to help their mentee strengthen their skills.  Mentees should be new or middle level professionals looking for career-specific advice and/or guidance on a specific fundraising program.  Applications will be accepted in early September and matched pairs will kick off during the first week of October.  Additional information on the program and how to apply to participate can be found here.

Oh!  About that gum thing!  That illustrates the wisdom shared between mentors and their proteges.  Ellen Wilkinson, Advancement Manager at St. Anthony’s School, reported that her mentor Michael Frohna, CFRE, President of Junior Achievement, encouraged her to be fearless in her fundraising.  “He told me asking for money is like offering a piece of gum.  Some people will say yes, and others will politely refuse because you don’t have the flavor they are looking for.  And that’s OK! Find the people that want your gum.”

Consider participating in the Mentorship Program.  But remember:  you only have until the September 13 deadline to chew on it!