Maximizing Member Benefit


Get the most from your investment


Whether you’re a long-time AFP member or just considering joining, membership value is important to you. Membership is a significant investment (even if your dues are paid by your employer) because receiving full benefit also requires the investment of time.

Here’s the thing to remember:  AFP sets the cost, but you set the value.

That’s because there are so many benefits to AFP.  Getting your money’s worth – and more -- is just a matter of tapping into those resources.  We make that easy with our AFPSEWI User’s Guide.

AFPSEWI’s 300+ members see our organization as their gateway to…


Educational luncheons, Fundraising Day Wisconsin, AFP Global’s online resources, industry compensation reports, and many other programs help keep us sharp.

AFP’s networking opportunities connect us fundraisers as a community; a whopping 80% of AFPSEWI members say they consulted or socialized with a fellow AFP member in the last year…

Resources like our local Southeastern Wisconsin AFP Connect chat board or our local special interest groups provide instant connection to helpful nearby peers (an incredible asset, especially for the 33% of AFPSEWI members who work in shops of less than three people…)

Best practices, accreditation, continuing education, a code of ethics – those things define a “profession.” By providing them all, AFP adds distinction and stature to our career choice…

No matter our sector, we fundraisers all share a common mission:  advancing philanthropy as a force for community.  Together, we improve the environment for giving via AFP’s National Philanthropy Day, our Milwaukee Business Journal column, public advocacy programs, etc. 

Ready to tap into all this?

Click here to join, or here to ask a question or make a suggestion for how we can bring you greater member benefit!