Impact Awards - Nominate today and receive free admission to an Educational Luncheon!

image being drawn in chalk - big yellow arrow pointing into field of small white arrows pointing the opposite direction, thereby depicting impactImpact Awards Nomination Deadline October 4

It turns out, there is such a thing as a free lunch! All members who nominate a project for the 2019 NPD Impact Awards will receive one free admission to a 2020 AFPSEWI Educational Luncheon of their choice! Individuals or organizations may self-nominate projects completed within the past three years. Each nominated project must include the work of at least one Association of Fundraising Professionals member to be eligible to win.

The Impact Awards will be presented at the 2019 National Philanthropy Day Luncheon to recognize the innovative and inspirational work that goes on ‘behind the scenes’ and to celebrate the Art of Philanthropy. The deadline has been extended to October 4, so be sure to submit your nominations for the following awards:

The Best Representation of Mission Award is given to recognize a fundraising effort that exemplifies mission driven fundraising. The winning fundraising effort aligns with the organization’s mission and vision either directly or in a creative or innovative manner, and furthers the organization’s mission whenever possible, raising not only funds but awareness and engagement for the organization’s cause.

The Most Innovative Award will go towards an organization or person who demonstrates a unique approach to fundraising, event planning, or technique in their organization. This award recognizes creative and new ideas which help further an organization's mission. Nominations should include a brief description on what new and innovative approach has been used and show the impact the creativity of this innovation has led to.

The Best Representation of Stewardship or Donor Engagement Award recognizes organizations which use effective methods to engage donors about the impact of their gifts. Nominated projects may address an organization’s entire donor base or specific constituencies (e.g. donor level, new donors, or donors to specific projects). Projects may also use a single communication method or a series of communications.

Thank you for helping us celebrate the art of good fundraising which supports positive change and good works in our community.