AFP – A Guide For New Users


Hacks to make you an AFP superuser!


Here’s the thing:  Your career is a journey.  On that journey, AFP is like a car with lots of features -- it can take you anywhere you want to go, but you have to drive it!

In that spirit, we offer the following list of AFP “hacks” to help you get the most mileage out of your membership.  Whether you’re a new member or a long-time veteran, do just one of these each month – and you’ll soon be fluent in the value proposition of AFPSEWI…


Annually, our Membership Committee offers this fast-moving tour of all of AFP’s many benefits and programs.  Attend this event, take notes, and write fast!

Chapter Update, our e-newsletter, serves up the hottest member opportunities every month.  You can also click through to read our chapter’s monthly column in the Milwaukee Business Journal, were we advocate for philanthropy community-wide. AFP Global’s journal, Advancing Philanthropy, is chock-full of value.

A key part of AFPSEWI membership is our monthly educational luncheon at a convenient location, where dozens of us gather to dine, recharge, hear from fundraising experts, and network with each other.  Non-members are welcome, but of course, you’ll want the special member rate…

AFPSEWI and AFP Greater Madison team up to bring in national-level thought-leaders for a day-long conference.

With services available nowhere else in the nonprofit sector, AFP360° is an online career builder tool that AFP members can access for free through the AFP Global website.  AFP360° helps you acquire new skills, perform more effectively, and pursue a plan for career success.

Fundraising is challenging; sometimes you really just want to “phone a friend.”  AFPSEWI connects you with others happy to take your call and share what they know.  (We’re a supportive community -- 80% of members say they socialize or consult with someone they met through AFP at least once a year).  You can also “crowdsource” through AFP Connect – the chat board that lets ask fellow fundraisers locally or nationally for help with your burning question…

AFPSEWI’s Mentoring Program connects local fundraising veterans with up-and-coming professionals.  Through 5-6 monthly one-on-one meetings, both sides learn a lot.

Every fall, AFP leads our community’s celebration of the giving spirit – National Philanthropy Day.  It’s your chance to attend and/or sponsor our 500-person luncheon, nominate a local philanthropist or volunteer for a high-profile award, and steward your very best donors via Partners in Philanthropy recognition.

Need a bit of fundraising inspiration or wisdom, stat?  No need to wait for our next educational event.  The websites for AFPSEWI and AFP Global have the webinar library you’re looking for, searchable and on-demand. In a hurry?  Micro-webinars let you learn in a sprint!

Local members with common interests circle up monthly to share knowledge and deepen friendships.  Choose from our Emerging Professionals group, Senior Professionals group, or our Grantwriting group…or create your own!

Ethical behavior benefits you -- and every other fundraiser, because we all need the community’s trust!  Do your bit by touring AFP Global’s ethics resources, including the Code of Ethical Standards, the Donor Bill of Rights, and more.

The AFP rewards of learning, making friends, and giving back blow wide open when you become a volunteer.  As an AFP insider, you’ll always have the scoop – because you’re helping to make it!

Through our Job Bank, our area’s savviest fundraisers discover Southeastern Wisconsin’s top nonprofit job openings.  Whether you’re looking for a job or posting one to fill, don’t overlook the Job Bank.

Career-building on a budget?  AFPSEWI offers scholarships that make it easier to afford Fundraising Day Wisconsin, the International Conference, or the cost of membership itself.