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21st Century Grant Applications

Online grant proposals are here to stay. They are frustrating, exasperating and daunting. Knowing what to say and how to say it in a short grant application is the focus of this session. The techniques discussed will help you craft successful paper and paperless proposal narratives.

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Strategies for Improving Volunteer Retention

Presented by B.J. Bischoff --- Volunteering in the U.S. is at a 12-year low, with less than one in four people regularly volunteering in their communities. This low number of volunteers is compounded by the unfortunate reality that one-third of all volunteers who volunteer in one year do not continue to volunteer in the following year. Far too many organizations focus on recruiting new volunteers to meet their needs when the solution could simply be in doing a better job of retaining existing volunteers.

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Cold Calling and Prospecting for Development Officers

Presented by Armando Zumaya --- Reach any prospect. Billionaires, your top prospects that haven't been successfully engaged. Philanthropists who everyone calls. You can get those crucial first meetings that make or break major campaigns. This is very unique and hard to find training taught by a 30 year development veteran who still cold calls everyday. Learn to engage your HNW prospects that every other development officer wants to sit down with.

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State of the Sector Review and 2017 Forecast

Presented by Jason R. Lee, J.D and Mark Hrywna --- The amount of data, surveys, research and reports about fundraising and the nonprofit sector is both vast and dizzying. Fundraisers barely have enough time to take a step back and see how their own fundraising is faring, much less scan the sector for key trends to get a sense of the big picture. This webinar, pulls together the data from AFP's annual State of the Sector report and puts it into a conversational framework, highlighting the key trends and ideas of 2016 and also forecasts what to be looking out for in 2017.

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High Net Worth Donors

Presented by Claire Costello --- The 2016 U.S. Trust Study of High Net Worth Philanthropy examines giving patterns, priorities and attitudes of America's wealthiest households. Since 2006, this biennial study has been written and researched in partnership with the Indiana University Lilly Family School of Philanthropy. The largest, longest running series of its kind, the study is an important barometer for wealthy donors' charitable engagement and viewpoints, offering valuable insights that inform the strategies of their peers, nonprofit professionals, charitable advisors, and others.

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The Importance and Opportunity of Diversity and Inclusiveness in Fundraising

Presented by Anne Brennan, Gina M. Flores and Krishan Mehta --- Diversity is the seeking and achieving of a broad representation of experiences, perspectives, opinions and cultures. Inclusiveness is an essential source of vitality and strength for the effective pursuit of an organization's mission. Join three diversity-focused fundraisers for a discussion about the importance of, and opportunities provided by, inclusion in the charitable sector.

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Building a Holistic Approach to Grant Seeking

Presented by Cynthia M. Adams & Dianne Brace --- Drawing on decades of experience, our presenters will provide practical advice, suggest processes you may want to adopt, and guide you toward developing a grant seeking program that will change the financial future for your organization.

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Three Steps to a Fantastic Board Retreat

Presented by Amy Eisenstein, ACFRE --- Are you planning a board retreat but not quite sure what to include on the agenda? Have you had board retreats before where board members walk away without a plan or next steps? Are you considering whether or not to hire an outside facilitator? Not sure how to provide fundraising training to your board members? If so, this webinar will walk you through the 3 essential steps to having a fantastic board retreat, so your board members walk away energized, rejuvenated, and ready to help raise funds!

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Understanding How and Why Millennials Give

Presented by Derrick Feldmann & Michelle Cline --- So much has been written about this generation of 80 million that will shape the future of philanthropy. But personal preferences and experiences with the generation doesn't mean that is the way this generation wants to give to your organization. This session will review the latest research and findings from the Millennial Impact Project, a comprehensive study of Millennial cause engagement since 2009. In addition, the presenters will offer case studies of successful Millennial fundraising campaigns and ideas for your organization.

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The 5 Things You Need to Know to Run a Successful Monthly Giving Program

Presented by Harvey McKinnon & Rosemary Oliver, CFRE --- This practical how-to session led by two experts in monthly giving will equip you to start, or continue to grow, a successful monthly giving program for your organization. Filled with helpful tips and action-oriented ideas you can start using right away, you will learn how to plan, implement, monitor and improve any monthly giving program.

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Corporations and What They Want in Today's World of Employee Engagement

Presented by Rachel Hutchisson & Andrew J. Troup of Blackbaud, Inc. --- Approaching companies effectively means understanding what they value and what they want and need, just like that major donor you're cultivating. In this session, you'll hear insights from a Corporate Social Responsibility professional who is on the receiving end of asks and, more so, what companies value in today's competitive work world.

"Get on Board"

Engage Your Board in Fundraising

Presented by Sandy Rees, CFRE --- In the small shop, fundraising can be a big job. Having a Board that is involved in raising money can make a huge impact and help you raise hundreds of thousands more than you can do alone. Unfortunately, many nonprofit organizations struggle with Boards that are well-meaning but reluctant and inexperienced in fundraising. In this training, we'll uncover the reasons why Board members won't help with fundraising and how to overcome them.

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Strategic Doing: Making Plans that Impact

Presented by Benjamin Mohler, ACFRE --- Tired of talking about strategic planning and ready to move on to the next step? Learn how to transform that strategic plan tome that sits on your bookshelf into something you'll actually use. Through this session, learn how to simplify the strategic planning process so that your organization can finally focus on action and impact.

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Nonprofit Videos (on a Budget) that Engage and Retain Donors

Presented by Rosa Conrad --- Digital Fundraising has made its way into the development programs of hundreds of philanthropies across the country. In concert with the rise in online events such as Giving Days and crowdfunding, digital fundraising has become a critical channel for all non-profit organizations, large and small. We will explore the elements of a next generation development office, from a technology and strategy perspective.

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The Future of Fundraising: How Digital Technologies and Strategies will Create Your Next Gen Development Operation

Presented by Rosa Conrad --- Digital Fundraising has made its way into the development programs of hundreds of philanthropies across the country. In concert with the rise in online events such as Giving Days and crowdfunding, digital fundraising has become a critical channel for all non-profit organizations, large and small. We will explore the elements of a next generation development office, from a technology and strategy perspective.