Whose generosity inspires you?

2016 NPD: image of Aurora nominator at the podiumMay 31 deadline for National Philanthropy Day award nominations

Quick: what’s the biggest thrill of being a fundraiser?

Surely it’s the opportunity to associate with selfless humanitarians every single day.  

Admit it:  you’ve got at least one donor or volunteer whose incredibly generous commitment gets you a little choked up… buoys your belief in society’s future…restores your faith in humanity… 

Wouldn’t it be selfish to keep all that inspiration to ourselves?

Let’s share those feelings – and our most exemplary philanthropists -- with all of Milwaukee!

On November 12, more than 500 leaders will honor our community’s top donors, volunteers, organizations, corporations and fundraisers at AFP’s annual National Philanthropy Day luncheon.  

Will one of your donors take the stage?  Maybe…IF you nominate them by May 31…

As southeastern Wisconsin fundraisers and AFP members, we share the opportunity – maybe even the responsibility -- to tell stories that inspire our fellow community members to acts of generosity.

Do your part…by nominating an inspirational philanthropist today…!