AFPSEWI Member Survey results are NOT to be believed!

Do NOT believe the following 2018 Member Survey results. Why? Because they are still preliminary! Thanks to everyone who has participated so far – you’ve taught us a lot about how to improve member value.

Philanthropic Leaders Honored

The Association of Fundraising Professionals of Southeastern Wisconsin (AFPSEWI) Announces Awardees for National Philanthropy Day® 2018

Here’s What You Missed…

Tony Shields, President & CEO of Wisconsin Philanthropy Network (formerly Donors Forum) shared an inside look into the work of WPN, along with some insights into how their work overlaps with, supports, and enhances the efforts of AFP Members.

Giving USA - A Recap

Want to know the latest trends in giving and what they mean for your organization? Check out this recap on the expert analysis and local perspectives that may help inform your fundraising strategies and programs.

On Philanthropy - Behind the Brass Plaque

You see their names on buildings. You read their names on plaques. But behind all the brass and calligraphy, what really motivates our community’s philanthropists?

Professional Fundraisers’ Perspectives About Dementia

Professional fundraisers frequently work with individuals over the age of 65. These individuals experience higher rates of dementia than younger people, which can create a variety of concerns for professional fundraisers.

On Philanthropy - Corporate execs: Expect Provocative Tax Questions from Fundraisers

Fundraisers nationwide have sounded alarms about how the new tax law will affect philanthropic giving. But at least three local experts don’t seem overly concerned. Among other strategies, they suggest fundraisers use the tax changes to leverage corporate giving.

Testimonial: The many benefits of nominating your donor for a National Philanthropy Day award

AFP member Michelle St. Clair has good things to say about how her donor’s National Philanthropy Day award paid off in stronger relationships and sound stewardship:

Here’s What You Missed…

Fundraisers nationwide have sounded alarms about how the Trump Administration’s new tax law will affect philanthropic giving. But at least three local experts don’t seem overly concerned.

The Wisconsin Funder Community: A Newcomer’s Perspective

They publish their giving guidelines. But beyond the publicly available criteria, do Wisconsin funders hold less widely known priorities, preferences and expectations that could maximize your nonprofit’s chances of earning a grant?

BTC Funds Granted – and a reminder of a benefit for YOU!

Each year, BE the CAUSE is the cooperative, annual giving campaign of the AFP Foundation for Philanthropy and U.S. AFP Chapters. Each year, a percentage of the dollars donated by AFP Southeastern Wisconsin Chapter members are granted back to the Chapter to be used for a local project. This year, we are excited to share...

Whose generosity inspires you?

Quick: what’s the biggest thrill of being a fundraiser? Surely it’s the opportunity to associate with selfless humanitarians every single day. Admit it: you’ve got at least one donor or volunteer whose incredibly generous commitment gets you a little choked up… buoys your belief in society’s future…restores your faith in humanity…

On Philanthropy: Revealed - Milwaukee Philanthropists Secretly Wish to Be Ordinary!

The scene: last November’s National Philanthropy Day celebration in Milwaukee. There I sat, in the crowd of 600-plus diners, listening to heartwarming thank-yous as our area’s leading philanthropists and volunteers received awards from the Association of Fundraising Professionals. I tried to put myself in their shoes, imagining how such public acclaim for altruism, generosity and community commitment must be like a dream come true for the honorees. Then suddenly it struck me:

Here’s What You Missed…

See why one attendee said "Great session! I left inspired. It also helped me think about specific changes I can make to improve my EI."

Local Feedback on the AFP International Conference

Attending this conference was an amazing opportunity to meet and learn from many experienced professionals from around the world. All the networking and educational opportunities available make it an invaluable experience that I recommend every fundraising professional to take part in.

Your AFP Chapter: Ever Better – Now Bigger!

Milwaukee-area fundraisers increasingly find value in AFP membership – and now there’s hard proof.

AFP Foundation Be the Cause – meet the Blackbaud Challenge!

When Dan Mueller of ARCW landed a $1 million gift from a brand new donor, he credited AFP with the idea that led to the gift. Your professional growth moment might not be as dramatic as Dan’s, but I’ll bet you have one –

Consultants! List your services for AFPSEWI members

AFP – Southeastern Wisconsin Chapter offers a Consultant and Resource Directory on its website, sharing information about fundraising consultants and other resources for our members to review in support of their work.

Learning How To "Sell The Gum"

“Asking for money is like offering a piece of gum. Some people will say yes, and others will politely refuse because you don’t have the flavor they are looking for. And that’s OK! Find the people that want your gum.”

On Philanthropy: Who Will Catch the Trickle-Down?

My brother-in-law can’t come for dinner this weekend (I’m crushed) because he’s “getting his tax stuff together.” Amid his annual drudgery, he lamented, “At least next year we’ll have the tax cut.”

National Philanthropy Day Date Set: Volunteers needed now

National Philanthropy Day (NPD) is the day that thousands of people around the world come together to put that word into action as well as to recognize the many people who have contributed to making our society a better place. On November 13, 2018, we will be celebrating our 40th Anniversary in the Southeastern Wisconsin AFP Chapter—a very special occasion for our Chapter and the Milwaukee community.

AFP Mentorship Program

Apply by 4/6 for personal/professional development opportunity

Donor Stewardship: 30 Ideas in 30 Seconds

What’s your top stewardship practice or vignette? Attendees at AFP’s February educational luncheon were invited to share theirs. The results, below, are a great reminder of the peer wisdom available through fellow AFP members…

Here’s What You Missed…A Lunchtime Two-fer:

A Lunchtime Two-fer: Can Stewardship Trump Tax Reform? At AFP SEWI’s February 22 educational luncheon, attendees heard expert insight on something we CAN’T control – how the new tax laws might affect charitable giving – and what we CAN control – how sound donor stewardship can help counter potential disruption.

“Giving Back” a Theme with New AFP Board Members

AFP’s Southeastern Wisconsin chapter welcomes four new members to its Board of Directors. Despite very different career paths, they all share enthusiasm for the chance to contribute to the chapter’s success.

On Philanthropy: Keep Calm -- and Enjoy Your Millennial Makeover

Despite their differences, the nonprofit and for-profit sectors agree on one thing: Millennials can be confounding.

An AFP Member You Should Know

AFP SEWI Chapter – Member Profile of the Month Does AFP participation hold the key to your organization’s next $1 million gift? It did for Dan Mueller.

AFP International Conference: Three Go For Free

The AFP Scholarship Committee is proud to announce the recipients of scholarships to attend the 2018 AFP International Fundraising Conference.

Your AFP Chapter's 2017 Accomplishments

Quick: How big the Southeastern Wisconsin Chapter membership? Which members received scholarships to the International conference? How many community leaders attended National Philanthropy Day? How’s the chapter’s financial health?

On Philanthropy: Caution to fundraisers: don’t be a knothole!

Let’s take a sober look at charity fraud warnings