Strategies for Improving Volunteer Retention

Volunteering in the U.S. is at a 12-year low, with less than one in four people regularly volunteering in their communities. This low number of volunteers is compounded by the unfortunate reality that one-third of all volunteers who volunteer in one year do not continue to volunteer in the following year. Far too many organizations focus on recruiting new volunteers to meet their needs when the solution could simply be in doing a better job of retaining existing volunteers.

During this webinar, participants will:

1. Identify the reasons why volunteers stop volunteering;
2. Examine the characteristics of the types of volunteers who are most likely to continue volunteering; and
3. Develop strategies for improving volunteer management and recruiting practices that result in increased volunteer retention

B.J. Bischoff has served as an independent consultant since 1990 and owns a boutique fund development firm in Sonoma, CA, focusing on grant writing, strategic planning, board and staff development, and project management. She is well-known to AFP audiences as the creator and facilitator of the Faculty Training Academy (FTA) that has prepared AFP's Master Trainers for over 15 years. She was a presenter at the 2015 AFP International Conference and has conducted four workshops at AFP's Leadership Academies. In the late 1990s, she trained the trainers for the Fund Raising School at Indiana University. She established the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency's Train-the-Trainer Program and was the first professional to introduce adult leaning techniques to the Government of Romania. B.J. also assists nonprofit organizations to achieve their fund development goals through strategic planning and grant proposal development, resulting in close to $200 million in funded projects. She earned her Doctorate in Higher Education Administration Indiana University-Bloomington. She is a featured columnist for The Sonoma Sun newspaper, writing a monthly column called Nonprofit Matters ( and is a member of the AFP Wine County Chapter.