How Nonprofits Can Powerfully Use Storytelling NOW During the Pandemic

Are you feeling as if bad news is never-ending during this health pandemic?

In our restlessness and helplessness everyone seems to be hungry for inspiration. Hungry for examples of how life might be a little better for someone else. That's why NOW is the best time to share stories of your mission in action.

The question then is: Are there different stories to highlight today? What do your supporters need and want to hear?

This session isn't about a new-fangled technique to get people to give. It’s about the power of making authentic, clear, word choices to inspire people to give more. What you learn MAY forever change the way you communicate your fundraising messages.

We'll take a look at outside-the-box examples from other nonprofit organizations to inspire your summer (and beyond) communication so you exceed your fall fundraising goals.

Join master storyteller & fundraising culture change expert, Lori L. Jacobwith, and learn how to choose and craft powerful stories to inspire giving & engagement, even if donors can't give today.

Plan to Learn:

  • What storytelling messages are causing donors to give - right now.
  • How & why to use a story more than once.
  • The best length & format to share powerful stories.


Lori Jacobwith

Named one of America’s Top 25 Fundraising Experts, Lori L. Jacobwith is an internationally-recognized master storyteller and fundraising culture change expert. Lori has more than 35 years’ experience helping nonprofit organizations raise $350 million dollars from individual donors. And counting.

Not your average speaker or trainer, Lori’s poise, humor, enthusiasm and best practices inspire and electrify. She teaches how to connect with and engage others by doing the same herself. By sharing easy-to-implement strategies and tools that will inspire even the most-weary or overworked nonprofit staff or board member, Lori make training sessions, keynotes or board retreats effective and memorable.