Professional development doesn’t end with a training session. As you continue to pursue new ideas and invest in your mission, join your colleagues for some chatter and beverages. We will join together in-person to relax, recharge, and celebrate the steps forward we have taken. 

As fundraisers everywhere grapple with how to incorporate, challenge and move forward with IDEA principles, we invite you to hear from two women on the forefront of this work. Liz LeClair is the current Chair for AFP Women’s Initiative and uses her platform and voice to call to action. Birgit Burton will be the first African American woman to serve as AFP Global’s Board Chair and is the founder of the AADO (African American Development Officers). Birgit brings her personal fundraising story to the conversation. Both women are on a mission to shift the profession’s culture to one where it is truly a place open to all.

How we diversify our fundraising to welcome donors from every background. As fundraisers we talk about our internal culture of philanthropy and then we often talk about the culture of philanthropy that is present in our community. Join this discussion to hear from panelists who have philanthropic experiences from different regions and cultures of the world. They will share the similarities and differences to their cultures and give fundraisers an idea of how to respectfully talk about philanthropy with individuals who identify with a variety of cultures. 

Diversifying fundraising strategies helps us meet goals despite the most unexpected conditions. Planned giving has the power to transform organizations and sustain their success for years to come. In this session, dive into the nitty gritty and learn practical steps you can take (even if you are a one-person shop!) to overcome common misconceptions and build a planned giving program that appeals to a variety of donors of all age groups.

Topics covered include why it is so important to do holiday campaigns, when to do them and how to effectively use the last six weeks of the year for your nonprofits success. We will also discuss and learn about effective direct mail, online solicitations, and end of year solicitations during the November/December period.

With her infectious energy and diverse leadership experience, Terri shares everyday strategies to create a more diverse, equitable, and inclusive work environment and/or non-profit board. Participants will leave with the skills needed to lead and inspire a team of people who want to ignite change in their organizations or communities.

Join our local discussion on the data and trends from Giving USA 2021: The Annual Report on Philanthropy for the Year 2020 which will be released as a national webinar on June 15.  National Webinar Viewing not required for local session participation

Campbell & Company is hosting Giving USA 2021: A Virtual Forum on Philanthropy, an online conversation that focuses on the nonprofit sector's current environment.

There is a big misconception that soliciting for a legacy gift is the same as asking for a major gift. Nothing could be further from the truth. While there are some similarities, the approach and lead up is completely different.

This webinar will present the similarities and differences between a legacy and a major gift ask, what research tells us how donors make decisions and how you can harness all this information to craft a deeply personal and successful legacy ask.

Metrics on any level are important. At a basic level, they help track progress towards goals. More importantly, they give you both the data to make informed decisions, help you build off your successes, and identify opportunities for improvement. Metrics can also show donors the tangible impact their dollars are helping to bring to their communities. Join us as we cover a variety of metrics topics during the following 30-minute ‘roundtable’ discussions.

In an increasingly more competitive nonprofit landscape, donors want to invest in organizations that know where they’re going. Join Barbara O’Reilly, CFRE, Principal of Windmill Hill Consulting, as she breaks down setting a bold strategic plan in the webinar, followed by a 30-minute discussion with local experts.

January Educational Luncheon: This presentation will offer an overview of what makes this generation tick and how they make buying decisions in general.

February Educational Luncheon: Technology is changing our world at an exponential rate, disrupting companies on a daily basis. And the reality is, no industry is immune – including nonprofit organizations. New technologies, new business models, and new outcomes will drive innovative ways to attract and retain new donors...

March Educational Luncheon: Join Greater Milwaukee Foundation leadership for an engaging conversation exploring the Foundation's latest Vital Signs report measuring the strength, vitality, and challenges of our region.

April Educational Luncheon: “Charity returns donation”…“Arrest of non-profit executive casts shadow”…” Audit cites group for ‘shameful’ misspending”… “Former museum worker charged in theft”…“Cancer charity admits bogus claims”. Ever read headlines like these and think “thank goodness that isn’t my organization?”...

May Educational Luncheon: We all want donors who are excited, engaged, and want to come back again, and again. It’s about more than just retaining, but creating loyal donors who feel passionate about your cause and help share your story. Abila’s Donor Loyalty Study digs deeper into donor preferences and behavior, specifically around what drives donor loyalty.

September Educational Luncheon: Special Tuesday Edition! Capital Campaigns are perhaps the most effective and efficient nonprofit strategy for raising major gifts, often in the millions and tens-of-millions of dollars.

October Educational Luncheon: For development operations of all sizes, one of the ever-present challenges to senior leadership is making the case for philanthropic investment. Although we all face the pressures of ensuring responsible use of our organization’s dollars, under-investment in fundraising is as much, if not more of, a problem as over-investment. Join us for discussion focused on making the case for philanthropic investment.

2016 Annual Meeting and Educational Luncheon: In today’s crowded nonprofit sector, is your organization aware of area nonprofits’ expectations for philanthropy? Are the expectations of area nonprofits in line with the financial capacity of area foundations and corporations? What might give your organization an edge in competing for funding in the coming year?

January Educational Luncheon: Prospect research empowers fundraisers with the information they need to ask for the right gift from the right donor at the right time to fund the right initiative. 

February Educational Breakfast: Grantmakers and grantseekers have often expressed the desire to share information on the nonprofit sector. In this speed dating style breakfast, attendees will have an opportunity to meet with representatives from foundations and corporate giving programs to exchange information about topics of importance to both.

February Educational Breakfast: Grantmakers and grantseekers have often expressed the desire to share information on the nonprofit sector. In this speed dating style breakfast, attendees will have an opportunity to meet with representatives from foundations and corporate giving programs to exchange information about topics of importance to both.

March Educational Luncheon: Your boldest ideas and your biggest gifts almost always depend on the leadership of your board, so how can you make the most of your board members' passion and capabilities?

April Educational Luncheon: Women in Philanthropy -- MarthaTaylor will share new ways to better engage women in giving, as well as insights into developing women leaders in the nonprofit arena, in order to shape the future for the better.

May Educational Luncheon: Real estate is often overlooked as a planned giving opportunity. Many nonprofit organizations, large and small, consider real estate too complicated and are worried about liability and risk. Join our panel of experts who will address your valid concerns. We will learn how donors can benefit the causes they love by making the largest gifts of their lifetime.

June Educational Luncheon: With 37 years in the fund development world, I have seen the evolution of fundraising databases from index cards, spreadsheets, DOS to Windows and to present-day data visualization tools paired with a data warehouse for BIG data.

September Educational Luncheon: The work of non-profits is reflected in art because life’s successes and challenges are reflected in art. Draw the connection for your donors and prospects with strategic community partnerships.

October Educational Luncheon: A panel discussion on the topic of Managing 360 in generationally diverse and dynamic fundraising environments. Baby Boomers, Generation X, Generation Y, and everyone in between.

December Educational Luncheon and Annual Meeting: The Greater Milwaukee Foundation’s On the Table events in October started many conversations and brought thousands of people together with a common goal of improving our community. Join us for the Fundraiser version.

January Educational Luncheon: Has your organization utilized consultants for their fundraising activity? Is it an avenue that your considering for future projects? Come learn from a panel of experts who can share their direct experience with selecting and working with consultants, consultants who have supported agencies of various sizes and how funding might be available to help you find the right professional support option.

February Educational Luncheon: The new tax bill could have great impact on charitable giving. Join us for a session to breakdown what we know about the Tax Reform and Jobs Act of 2017; what our donors expect us to know and how to minimize and maximize the details of the tax law that can impact philanthropy.

March Educational Luncheon: Join Katie Pritchard, for a lively discussion on what Collective Impact is and how area funders and organizations are embracing this dynamic approach to solve complex social issues. Discover how you and your organization can move beyond reporting “the numbers” to becoming meaningful partners in addressing our community’s toughest challenges.

April Educational Luncheon: Want to build more personal (and persuasive) relationships with your donors? Then consider: Emotional Intelligence is twice as significant as IQ and Technical/Functional Skills combined as a predictor of success.

May Educational Luncheon: No doubt about it, the new tax law is bound to reduce taxpayers’ motivation to itemize their deductions, and this will surely affect their charitable giving.

June Educational Luncheon: The Funder Community - A New Perspective, featuring Tony Shields, President and CEO of Wisconsin Philanthropy Network

September Educational Luncheon: Join us to hear “The Artful Asker”, Marcy Heim. Marcy is a nationally-known speaker who is a proud resident of the Badger State. She will share her expertise on “Asking for Anything – Artfully”.

October Educational Luncheon: Michael McNeely, CFRE, President and CEO of The Abbey Group, Ltd. will be presenting on the topic of Donor-Centric Messaging.

December Annual Meeting and Educational Luncheon: Ask a Seasoned Veteran! Pick 3 – there is sure to be something for everyone! Topics will range from: Small Shops – How to do it all; Mentorship; Donor Advised Funds; Corporate Event Sponsorships; Working with Boards; How to Capture the Right Data – and more! Bring your questions, ideas and more to learn from your peers. Each topic will have a Seasoned Veteran of the Field to facilitate the discussion!

December Educational Virtual Breakfast and Vote -  Wisconsin Philanthropy Network will share findings on their bi-annual report. An opportunity to learn about opinion and changing perspective from the funding community around Wisconsin. PLUS, the AFPSEWI membership will vote for the 2021 board slate. Attendees will all receive a PDF copy of WPN's 2020 report "Philanthropy Rising: Responding to Pressing Challenges and Reimagining Futures."

September Educational Virtual Breakfast - Teams that promote and foster a growth mindset tend to be more collaborative, empowered and committed--all factors we need in an effective development program. Join us for this AFP Webinar presented by Alice Ferris, MBA, CFRE, ACFRE.

January Educational Luncheon: Become a change agent by positioning yourself around a PURPOSEFUL existence, while using your talents, skills, and resources to HUSTLE for something greater than yourself. Become a change agent by positioning yourself around a PURPOSEFUL existence, while using your talents, skills, and resources to HUSTLE for something greater than yourself.

February Educational Luncheon: What are the trends and thoughts of grantmakers across Wisconsin? How and where are they increasing their grantmaking? What issues matter to corporate funders, community foundations, and philanthropic families across the state?

March Educational Breakfast: Join us for this Powerhouse Duo! Two of Southeastern Wisconsin’s foremost Campaign Experts are teaming up to share their experiences in utilizing comprehensive campaign strategies to transform their organizations! Join us for this Powerhouse Duo! Two of Southeastern Wisconsin’s foremost Campaign Experts are teaming up to share their experiences in utilizing comprehensive campaign strategies to transform their organizations!

May Educational Luncheon: Join us for the annual joint educational meeting with the Planned Giving Council of Eastern Wisconsin.

June Educational Breakfast: A successful, sustainable career doesn't happen by accident. Enjoying your work, and continuing to be inspired through the twists and turns a career and life bring can be challenging. What are the keys to both having a sustainable career and helping your employees enjoy the same?

May Educational Session: Join us for an online panel discussion to hear members of the Greater Milwaukee Foundation team demystify Donor Advised Funds.

September Educational Luncheon: Strategies for Mutually Beneficial Corporate Partnerships: You are tasked with growing the corporate donations and sponsorships sector for your organization. How do you grow beyond the same 5-10 companies that you count on year-in and year-out? Be inspired to think beyond traditional corporate sponsorship and donor giving opportunities, benefits packages, and recognition. And, learn how to set your organizations up as such a valued partner, that companies will come to you year after year.

October Educational Breakfast: "Evaluation," "Impact," "Inclusion," many of us have heard how important it is to ensure we are telling of the impact of our organization's program and ultimately, our mission. Have you wondered ... where do we start? How do we ensure the quality of our programs? What are different types of data and how do we use them to properly demonstrate impact to our donors and the community?

December Educational Breakfast and Annual Meeting: Again this year AFPSEWI will hold a Pick 3 Roundtable Talks after our annual meeting. Bring your questions, ideas, and more to learn from your peers.

February Educational Breakfast: Our expert panel has lived and thrived in their small shops. Come and learn their tips and tricks to be effective, efficient, and energized.

January Educational Luncheon: Join us for this lively panel discussion with some of southeastern Wisconsin’s most adept nonprofit marketing professionals, who will reveal the secrets of how smart planning, effective segmentation, rigorous prioritization, creative repurposing, savvy resourcing – and just plain spunk -- can help fully leverage your shoestring budget and bandwidth. Master the minimal-but-memorable marketing moves that make mission mighty! Did we mention there is free valet parking?