Here's What You Missed - The Power of Positive Thinking in Philanthropy

man in suit with legs crossed and arms resting on knees meditatingPositive vibes and heart are key to an artful ask

oy, purpose and preparation were at the heart of Marcy Heim’s workshop in September.

The Artful Asker outlined how to prepare for a donor meeting, reinforcing the importance of doing your homework, visualizing, and rehearsing a meaningful and fruitful donor meeting. After over twenty years with the University of Wisconsin Foundation, Heim has perfected the Ask in just three sentences focusing on the fundamental elements of Respect, Understanding and Consideration:

  • Respect: Treat your donor with respect and praise-Thank them for past contributions and speak truthfully and enthusiastically about your organization.
  • Understanding: Reference the special connection they have to your non-profit. Talk to them about the project you would like them to support and how their donation would make an impact.
  • Consideration: Ask them if they would consider making the contribution. The final step to Marcy’s artful ask?  Be quiet!

Marcy emphasized the importance of positive thinking and personal affirmations. “Repeat with me: I create my life!” Marcy exclaimed as she threw her hands victoriously in the air, encouraging us all to live joyfully. Fundraising is an honorable and noble profession-We have the privilege of linking donors to causes they care about, facilitating investment in a better world. So next time you are in that donor meeting keep your head up high - You’ve got this!