Courageous Conversations for Fundraisers: Fundraising, Racism, and the Desire to Make the World a Better Place

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Fundraisers have experienced the uncomfortable situation when a donor says something racist or prejudicial. We might laugh nervously and quickly change the subject. Or we may feel anger because the remark hits close to home or insults the constituents our organization serves. Should we say something or ignore it? Some say a fundraiser’s job is not to judge or correct the donor, but to raise money for the worthy cause. Others are of the opinion that by saying nothing, the fundraiser perpetuates society’s problems which their organization is trying to address. Is the fundraiser an ambassador of philanthropy, meaning one who cares for people or a person who needs to secure as much money as possible for the organization.

Join us for an engaging conversation as we try to navigate these turbulent waters. 

Recommended Pre-Reading:
•    Reconsidering the Racist Donor

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