Why I Give


two female hands reaching for each other depicting a "helping hand"We all have, at some point in our lives, been the beneficiary of a “Helping Hand”. Throughout my career, I have been mentored, pursued professional education and have established a network to support my growth.  Within our organizations, we have donors who provide that support and helping hand – both key to our mission.

AFP has been an essential part of my growth and development as a professional fundraiser.  Our membership is a tool we have to support our self-improvement. The education offerings, networking and advocacy provided further enhances our impact as professionals and betters our community. 

But beyond our membership dues, what more can we do?

BE the CAUSE, an annual campaign of the AFP Foundation supports us in different ways.  It is the chance you have to offer that “helping hand”. Gifts to this campaign support scholarships, Diversity Initiatives, Emerging Leader programs and research to advance our professional work. 

Many years ago, I was the recipient of a Chamberlin Scholarship which allowed me to attend my first International Conference.  Chamberlin Scholars are supported through BE the CAUSE.  I remember the impact that opportunity had on me and that is why I give.  I see young people exploring this profession, and that is why I give.  I continue to be dismayed at inequities and look forward to change, and that is why I give.

COVID has challenged our regular delivery systems, but I am proud of how we have adapted as a chapter and continue to offer opportunities to learn, grow and connect.  Our chapter benefits directly from BE the CAUSE as well. A grant back to Southeast Wisconsin from the AFP Foundation is used to directly benefit our members – through scholarships and other opportunities to learn.

I believe that my support of the AFP Foundation creates an spark in a new fundraiser through opportunity. I hope you will join me in making your gift to the AFP Foundation’s BE the CAUSE Campaign. 

Learn more here on the what, why, and how of the BE the CAUSE Campaign.

BEtheCAUSE campaign logo "Empower. Strengthen. Transform"

Contributed by AFPSEWI immediate past president, Nancy Seidl Nelson, CFRE, Owner, SPI Consulting, LLC