The CARES Act: All Hands On Deck!

"CARES Act" document with pen“All hands on deck” is an idiom that calls for everyone to take part in the work put before them.  Many of us and our organizations are working in an “all hands on deck” mode right now. We want to thank you for that! It will take continued dedication, perseverance and collaboration to conquer the storm of the coronavirus.

The Federal CARES Act was created with an “all hands on deck” approach too. As one of the largest economic relief bills in history, it contains funding opportunities for charities and enhanced charitable giving incentives, a paycheck protection program, economic injury disaster loans and emergency grants, employee retention credits, delays for certain payroll taxes and more.

The  AFP Coronavirus Guide interprets the CARES Act for its implications for philanthropy operations and for nonprofit organizations, and is continually updated with new information and other resources as they become available. The National Council of Nonprofits or Small Business Administration are additional places to look for assistance in understanding how the CARES Act can help you personally and professionally.

Want to learn more about how the CARES Act is having an impact here in Southeastern Wisconsin? This is a great time to post those questions or concerns on AFP Connect, where you can interact with other fundraisers from our area. (Be sure to use the ‘cross post to’ dropdown field to post your messages locally.)

Remember, we’re all on this ship together!


If you have questions about logging in to AFP Connect, contact Erin, our chapter administrator, and she can walk you through.