Be Mindful… Be Respectful… Be Aware!


unity hands crossed over holding neighbors

As I researched fundraising topics for this article, a social media post pop-up distracted me.

The post occurred on an informational platform for families of students at my child’s university. Social media has become an important tool for non-profit professionals like me, but today I saw first-hand the potential danger of this digital world.

In the chat, a parent of a new student asked whether a certain occurrence was typical on campus.  Several helpful posts followed, but one simply contained a “helicopter” photo, presumably implying the parent was hovering over their child. 

Though this may have been a joke, the responses by others engaged in the chat proved that the image was from someone pronouncing judgment on a stranger and violating the spirit of the site. I could not sit idle as someone simply seeking advice was unjustly “put in their place” by a stranger. 

Despite never commenting on posts, today I did…

“This platform is supposed to be available for parents… to seek advice from others with past experience. Additionally, October is National Bullying Prevention Month so I will speak on that issue. Bullying takes on many forms and does include harmful teasing. Social media bullying is a serious issue! It is up to parents to be good role models. If your children (including adult children) see you bully, which includes social media teasing, they will follow your example. Be mindful of your actions... Be respectful of others.”

Be aware… spread the word. Support bullying prevention this month!

On Philanthropy appears monthly in the Milwaukee Business Journal for the Association of Fundraising Professionals, Southeastern Wisconsin Chapter. This month’s column is contributed by Leona S. Knobloch, Development Director with Ozaukee Washington Land Trust, MBJ 40 under 40 Alum (2011).