AFPSEWI Reaches 70% of Its AFP Foundation Campaign Goal

BEtheCAUSE campaign logo "Empower. Strengthen. Transform"Be the Cause -- Give now to give back!

What does your AFP membership mean to you? The answer to that question will be different to each of us, but we consistently hear that the professional education and networking opportunities are the key benefits that our members enjoy.

How has AFP supported you?  Whether it be learning from an educational program, participating in our small groups or mentoring programs or connecting with someone at an event or member social, AFP offers opportunities for all – and the benefits continue to grow when you take advantage of them! For me, my nearly 25-year membership in AFP has provided a rich network of friends and colleagues, opportunities for leadership and growth and community connections that have been invaluable.

Will you now consider giving back? Through the AFP Foundations for Philanthropy, our chapter benefits through grants, which we then convert to opportunities, such as member scholarships and education.  But the impact is greater than just our chapter:

  • In 2017, more than $92,000 was granted back to chapters to support their members.
  • Since 2000, more than 2,200 Chamberlain Scholarships have been awarded to first-time attendees to the AFP International Conference.
  • A more recent Diversity Scholarship program made its 100th award in the past year.

Our chapter is at 70% of its annual goal.  Will you consider making a gift today to support the AFP Foundation Be the Cause Campaign?  Giving is quite simple.  Just visit and look for the BE the CAUSE Campaign Gift.

Your support of the AFP Foundation can create that spark in a new fundraiser through opportunity.  Please make your gift today.