AFP in the Milwaukee Business Journal: Milwaukee Corporate Citizens Earn Praise – and Profits

aerial view of downtown Milwaukee and Milwaukee RiverContributed by AFP SEWI
Milwaukee Business Journal
October 7, 2016 issue

Milwaukee-area businesses get it:  corporate citizenship boosts the bottom line.

The effect has been well documented:  according to an annual survey conducted by the Boston College Center for Corporate Citizenship, more than 60 percent of business executives say that a company’s community involvement contributes to its business goals -- and not just reputation or employee engagement goals, but hard objectives like customer acquisition and retention, access to new markets, and attracting new investors.

This bottom line boom is no surprise to Milwaukee corporations, many of whom have made inspiring commitments to community involvement and philanthropy.  

Leading the pack, judging from the Corporate Citizenship Awards bestowed today by the Business Journal at its Corporate Citizenship Summit, are Kohl’s and the Milwaukee Brewers.  Kohl’s was named Corporate Citizen of the Year for its work with many social, cultural and health care groups, and the Brewers were recognized as Community Partner of the Year for their outreach with youth and other initiatives.

We at the Association for Fundraising Professionals – Southeast Wisconsin Chapter applaud Kohl’s, the Brewers, and many generous corporate partners across our region.  We’re privileged to help these companies make community investments that are meaningful not only to stockholders and customers, but to every citizen of the Greater Milwaukee area.   

We’re glad these companies are reaping rewards from their generosity -- because our community certainly is.

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