As we approach end of year, a critical fundraising period for all nonprofits, it’s important to make sure systems are in place to get the most of the giving season. In this session, we’ll walk through practical ways to set up your fundraising tools, from your data to your giving page and back, to maximize marketing and fundraising impact, as well as strategies to help you connect with your donors. While 2020 has been a challenging year, these principles can set your organization up to make this year one of great impact for your mission.

White women everywhere are finally hearing the call of their BIPOC (Black, Indigenous and People of Color) sisters to step up for racial justice. But joining book groups, amplifying Black voices on social media, and teaching their kids to be anti-racist is not enough. In this session, participants will explore the legacy of white supremacy in women’s relationships, unpack the barriers that keep white women from supporting Black women, and identify specific actions that will move beyond performative to true activism.

In an increasingly more competitive nonprofit landscape, donors want to invest in organizations that know where they’re going. Join Barbara O’Reilly, CFRE, Principal of Windmill Hill Consulting, as she breaks down setting a bold strategic plan in the webinar, followed by a 30-minute discussion with local experts.

Diversity is the seeking and achieving of a broad representation of experiences, perspectives, opinions and cultures. Inclusiveness is an essential source of vitality and strength for the effective pursuit of an organization's mission. Join three diversity-focused fundraisers for a discussion about the importance of, and opportunities provided by, inclusion in the charitable sector.

Join our panel of experts as we explore ethics in 2020. We’ll be looking at ethics through the lens of diversity, inclusion and racial justice; looking through the lens of wealth and power while soliciting and accepting contributions from individuals and institutions amid heightened social consciousness; dealing with controversial donors; and what ethical challenges have come to the forefront in this current environment.


Member-Only Webinar Watch Party: Join your AFP Southeastern Wisconsin colleagues at a Webinar Watch Party. You will have the opportunity to learn from industry leaders and then discuss how you can apply to your own organizations.

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Webinar Watch Party: Is your organization missing funding opportunities without a purposeful coordination of grants seeking and fundraising efforts? Bring your lunch and learn with your fellow AFP members and grantwriter colleagues!

Free Webinar from AFP Global: In this session, we’ll examine all of the components of a great donor survey project—including how to build it, deploy it, and analyze the results. Perhaps more importantly, we’ll identify and help you sidestep the countless pitfalls that plague so many surveys.

Free Webinar from AFP Global: It is essential that every fundraiser understand the value special events can play within their organization, as well as the importance of setting appropriate financial, time management and resource expectations. In this session...

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- 21st Century Grant Applications: Knowing what to say and how to say it in a short grant application is the focus of this session. The techniques discussed will help you craft successful paper and paperless proposal narratives.

Free Webinar from AFP Global: This webinar will present the similarities and differences between a legacy and a major gift ask, what research tells us how donors make decisions and how you can harness all this information to craft a deeply personal and successful legacy ask.

Free Webinar from AFP Global: In our restlessness and helplessness everyone seems to be hungry for inspiration. Hungry for examples of how life might be a little better for someone else. That's why NOW is the best time to share stories of your mission in action.

Free Webinar from AFP Global: For small nonprofits, more money means more staff and more programs. But it can be tricky to figure out the right mix of fundraising strategies to cross $100,000 for the first time.