Mentoring Program

One on One Mentoring

As part of the Association of Fundraising Professionals - Southeastern Wisconsin chapter’s commitment to advance philanthropy through education, training, advocacy, a code of ethical principles, and standards of professional practice, the chapter’s mentorship program offers new and intermediate professionals the opportunity to learn from seasoned professionals in a one-to-one matched relationship lasting one year.

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Mentor Eligibility:

  • A senior professional with a minimum of 15 years work experience in fundraising. Ideal candidates will possess comprehensive knowledge of fundraising principles, best practices and will have well-rounded career experience. Additionally, they will demonstrate a willingness to contribute to the profession and the professional development of fellow practitioners.
  • A current member in good standing of AFP Southeastern Wisconsin
  • Able to promote a collegial relationship with mentee
  • Helps strengthen the mentees skills through mentor/mentee joint identification and focus on specific areas of practice
  • Committed to a minimum of 1-hour contact per month with mentee either face to face, phone or email over a one year period.

The mentor is to provide the mentee with advice and information. The advice will be limited to career advice and/or specific fund-raising advice to be used to enhance the fundraising program of the charitable organization with which the partner is associated. The relationship is meant to be career specific and is not to be used or construed in any way as a consulting relationship. We recommend that both partners advise their employer if they intend to participate in this program.

Mentee Eligibility:

  • A new or intermediate level professional with less than 10 years experience in fundraising
  • A member in good standing of AFP Southeastern Wisconsin
  • Able to promote a collegial relationship with mentor
  • Seeking to strengthen their skills through mentee/mentor joint identification and focus on specific areas of practice
  • Committed to a minimum of 1-hour contact per month with mentor either face to face, phone or email over a one year period.

The mentee must be able to articulate the areas of focus to work on with the mentor to achieve personal growth in the profession.  Goals should be specific and measurable and based on actual fund development practice.

Application Process:

Mentor and mentee candidates should complete the application form indicating the practice areas in which they are able to offer guidance and in which they are seeking advice. Applications will be reviewed by the mentoring committee, candidates will be approved and then matches made.

Mentor and mentee matches are made based on a careful review of the applications, professional experiences, mutual interests and compatibility in knowledge areas. Some candidates may not be approved or matched in an application cycle and they will be notified of the status or ineligibility of their application.

If a suitable match cannot be made, then the committee will help the applicant re-examine their preferences and needs in pursuit of the best match relationship.


The Program:

A maximum of ten mentors and ten mentees will be selected and matched for each session.  Mentors and mentees will be notified of their approval and match by the Mentorship Program Committee and will be invited to attend an orientation event to meet and start the relationship. Participants will be oriented to the expectations of the mentoring program and complete pre-program surveys.  They will discuss the preferred pace and contact methods, goals and set the tenor for the relationship.


The chapter mentoring committee will follow up with matches at three, six and twelve months to conduct assessment surveys and ensure that the relationship is successful. At any time during the match period, either the mentor or mentee can contact the mentoring committee to discuss incompatibility issues or other problems. The committee will seek to resolve the issues with appropriate intervention including ending the match, making reassignments and dismissal from the program. In the rare case in which it appears either mentor or mentee needs to be removed from the program, the decision will be made at the discretion of the mentoring committee in consolation with the chapter President and VPs of Membership and Education.

Mentor and Mentee Responsibility:

The effectiveness of the mentoring program is dependent upon the committed teaching/learning relationship formed between mentor and mentee. 

Participants agree to a time span of a year and a minimum of 1 hour of contact each month through face-to-face meetings, phone calls or email communications. After the initial pairing, the mentee is responsible for requests for and scheduling of meetings with the mentor.

Participants must notify the mentoring committee immediately of circumstances causing nonperformance issues or the need to end the mentorship commitment.


At the end of the one-year period, the mentor and mentee will complete post-match surveys to accurately report progress, successes, and areas of improvement for the program and successful matches going forward. The mentorship relationship will formally end at this time. The mentoring committee will review these results and will make program modifications as needed.

Important Dates for 2018 Spring Session:
The Fall Mentoring Session runs from April 2018 to March 2019

Applications accepted                                                        February 2018 - April 6, 2018
Applications reviewed, approved and matched                     April
Orientation meeting and program start                               May 3rd @ 5:30 PM
3-month check in                                                              June
6-month check-in/Social                                                    September
12-month check in and program end                                  March
Mentor/Mentee Recognition                                               April 25, 2019 - AFP Meeting
                                                                                      (AFP covers the cost to attend this luncheon)