An Ode to Our Mentoring Program

AFP SE WI Administrator
September 12, 2019

An Ode to Our Mentoring Program

"If you want to be a mentor
Or perhaps a protege
You must apply NEXT FRIDAY
So click here without delay!
You have been around a while,
Succeeded in career.
You really went the extra mile
You’ve seen it all, that’s clear.
So ain’t it time to open up?
Share wisdom that you’ve heard?
Your mentee waits with empty cup
To capture every word!
Be honest now, you must admit:
A pro showed YOU the ropes.
Now someone waits with fire lit
And you can fill their hopes.
Okay, this rhyme is more than trite
This fundraiser’s not a poet
But please agree we’ve got it right
You’re a treasure – time to show it!"
Doug Diefenbach
VP of Marketing and Poet Laureate
AFP Southeastern WI Chapter